Friday, April 22, 2016


This was the only full day we have in Hakone and it is going to be the last night as well.
We decided to choose the most interesting tourist spot to visit as we only had time for one which was going to be the Glass Museum.
The Grass Field was discovered when we were in the public bus to our stop on the first day. On the way there we saw this crazy huge field of fern-like plants and we were blown away, beautiful.
We memorized the stop name and agreed that we have to explore this place as well. Glad we did

The glasses were just glistering in the sunlight. "Shine bright like a diamond"
And there were ducks! My goodness

We got some pretzel from the mini pushcart. Light brunch in this sunny yet cooling weather with the mountains
Gotta be like swag, getting hot choco in winter and holding it to warm those palms

We spend a good 2hrs here before catching our public bus back to our hotel, took some selfie with Mount Fuji before heading out to the Grass Field.

Still remembered in the morning when we were eating our hotel breakfast. The conversation between my mom, bro and me
"Hey kids eat more because we might not make it on time to eat during lunch"
"Ok I will go second round after eating these"
"Bro, we had a full meal (literally rice, dishes and drink) in the out of nowhere convenience shop just a few days back, do you think we will really need to stuff ourselves?"

True enough we really had lunch in Lawson, the convenience shop.

It was a good 2hours spent. The sun was setting we decided to end the day and head back to our hotel. 

Our last dinner with Mt Fuji /\

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